Counseling & Teachers Training

Our Career Counseling Program covers different sections of the study of various areas. Main sections are as follows


Careers in Art
Careers in Commerce
Careers in Science
Careers in Computers
Careers in Engineering
Careers in Paramedicine
Careers in Management
Careers in Designing
Careers in Other Sectors


Teachers Training is a main part of counselling, when we talk about counselling of teachers.

The present study is an attempt at training a group of school teachers in counselling. The aims were to monitor and evaluate the training process so that effective ways of training can be evolved. The implications of the study and applicability of the methodology for similar other programs elsewhere are discussed.

Teachers have multiple roles to perform nowadays. To fulfil their roles professionally, teachers need to be competent in their responsibilities towards their students inside and outside the classroom. One important teacher role inside and outside the classroom is to provide guidance and counselling to students.

Using qualitative analysis of students’ responses in a personal reflection activity in the latest cohort, the present study found that students have various training needs, and perceived strengths and impeding issues in relation to carrying out the guidance and counselling role at school.

Our teacher workshops are designed to give your teachers the edge and equip them teacher with special skills to handle children and their various problems in a scientific manner!

Core Contents of Our Teachers Training Module

Understanding self
Generating a ‘ SELF MAP’
Understanding strengths and weakness areas and working on them
Understanding self-esteem and how it affects as a teacher
Handling conflict